"I participated in a past life regression. I found it very helpful in understanding the root cause of some destructive life patterns. The past life regression helped me get in touch with several past life themes that I unconsciously brought into this lifetime. The regression helped me get in touch with the root causes of my problems and work through old patterns that were influencing my current everyday living." 

B. Carter


"I found the Goddess Workshop very inspiring and introspective.  I think it is the perfect platform for anyone going through major changes in their life from death of a loved one, divorce or retirement.  It helps to prioritize one's objectives and evaluate yourself as to what is important in your life.  It realigns one's goals.  Brooke is very engaging, positive and delightful.  She is a great listener and discussion leader.  Anyone would benefit from this workshop."
Marilyn Kerr


"I want to thank you again for bringing the Goddess Workshop to Lily Dale. It has helped me be more aware and attentive to my mind, body, and spirit. I can't wait for another one of your workshops!!!"
Rue Robinson


"Brooke made my first Heart Centered Hypnotherapy treatment a very pleasurable experience. Even though I did not know what to expect, I found her voice and words to be soothing. She explained what the hypnotherapy would be like in an easily understood and accurate manner. Brooke's insight into my primary focus was spot on and helped me a great deal. I definitely would choose Brooke for my therapist again."
Candace Strickler


"I LOVE the Goddess Workshop! We did a variety of activities that open the chakras, all of which were a lot of FUN! When it was over, I felt rejuvenated, and an inner peace. I plan on attending these workshops on a regular basis, and would recommend it to all my friends! Thank you so much Brooke! You have guided me to a better life!"
Kelly Aboulkacem, Black Cherry Mind Studios


"I have the pleasure of knowing Brooke in many capacities. She is a friend, colleague, spiritual/psychic guide and valued person in my circle of women! I have learned so much from her by attending her goddess workshops, laughter yoga events, and attending retreats with her. Her style of teaching is lighthearted, humorous and insightful. I wholeheartedly encourage all who seek personal growth in a creative and fun atmosphere to participate in all that Brooke has to offer. Of exceptional value in my own path was her MARI assessment and psychic reading lighthearted drawings that heightened my understanding of areas of interpersonal development. So many people have benefited from Brooke's talent for helping them illuminate their path and you will too!!"
Kathy Rusiska, yoga and mindfulness teacher, advocate for peace and social justice & licensed social worker.