Hello and Happy Monday! I'm sitting in my favorite spot watching two Monarch butterflies flit and flirt and dance among the flowers out in my garden. To be so light and free! Ahhhh!!! How is your Monday going? I'm all excited--I just got started on the smoothie kick, and have been playing around with different combinations and concoctions. Do you realize that you can't taste spinach at all when it's in with a bunch of fruit??? Amazing! Not that I dislike spinach...really the only food I dislike is radishes. Ick! I'll keep you posted on my creative smoothie recipes, and if you any tried and true great ones, please let me know. It is time again for the Flower Fairies Card of the Week...da da dahhhh...Wish! In honor of my Dad's birthday last week, I spent a long weekend in Tennessee. Also my excuse for missing a blog week--oops! My motto is everyone should celebrate their birthday for at least a week. I mean, why not? Getting old we don't take the time for the parties and celebration unless it's a biggie...why shouldn't every birthday be a biggie? Blowing out the candles on cakes, or in my case pie...can be chocolate, pecan, peanut butter, coconut cream, blueberry, I'm not picky! Anyway, my point is that we make wishes as we blow out candles. Do you take the time to really consider what it is that you want and desire and hope for? Or are you a willy-nilly just git these suckers blown out kinda person? I know I've mentioned manifesting before...I'm a huge believer in putting out positive vibes to the universe to bring in what we want. Don't waste your wishes...just sayin! It's like the question if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? I feel a true soul connection to those who answer "more wishes"! Yeah!!! You know what I'm talking about! I'm the person who currently has three vision boards hanging on her fridge...two being on big poster board and double-sided. Yup, I'm ambitious. I'm also the person who has the bucket list with well over 100 things...I've also mentioned previously I'm the notorious to-do list maker, so I'm always wishing tehehe! Wishing is part of the innocence and hope we have in life. Don't lose it. Repeat. Don't lose it! Take lessons from the Monarch butterflies--flit, flirt, and dance with life, and always remember to keep wishing!