Happy Labor Day! I hope you are out and about enjoying the day! The sun is shining and beckoning me out--I may have to get outside and go for a walk, since the beautiful summer weather will be soon coming to a close. I was out working in the yard on Friday and found a wooly bear caterpillar. It was all rusty orange--which according to trusty Google, that means the wooly bear is predicting the winter is going to be mild. Living in Northeast Ohio, what does mild look like? Snow and warmer temperatures? Hmmm, this could get interesting!
Since it is Monday, it's time for the Flower Fairies Card of the Week. Drum roll please....and the Card of the Week is....Trust! Always an interesting topic of conversation! How do you describe trust? If you are under the age of ten, I'm sure you can rattle off a description lickety split. If you are older than that, I'm sure you're still trying to figure out how to describe it without using the word. Why is it so hard to describe, yet so important to us, and crucial in our close relationships? My description of trust is feeling safe and secure, whether that be in a relationship, or even with trusting myself and what I feel. Since I'm venturing out into the world of online dating (God help me!) trust is listening to my own gut and inner muse. Side note with that, does anyone else get totally disgusted and wonder what in the hell more times than not as they peruse the eligible candidates that are looking for love? Not to put anyone down or judge, but ya know, getting to know who someone is, even their name before proposing the horizontal mambo might make your search more viable, just saying. Ugh. I am the believe in romance and old-fashioned let's get to know each other a bit, go out on dates, and find out who you are type of person. I trust that eventually (hopefully soon!) that there will be another heart vibrating on the same beat as mine with similar values and morals and let's get to know each other and have fun with dating and romance. Sigh! I feel old saying what is our world coming too, or maybe it's my almost two decades of being single, but jeesh! Trust. Trusting that there is someone out there for you (and me!) in our divine right. That whole adage of having to kissing a lot of frogs (or was it horny toads?!?) is not something for everyone. Trust your gut and that the universe will provide. Have a great week!