Happy it's almost Halloween Monday! I absolutely love Halloween--the costumes, the decorations, the crisp weather, and of course, all the candy (Reese's to be exact)! And the rest of the year will just fly by...Back at the homestead, me and the pooch are adjusting and figuring each other out. What a sweet little puppy I am blessed with! During his first doctor's appointment today, he listened intently as the vet told him that he has big shoes to fill because his predecessor was like no other. Then the doctor pointed out that he has an extra toe on his back paw plus a dewclaw. Guess he already knew he wanted to fill those shoes! Ha! He's been enjoying his yoga class and visiting great grandma every week. He's also decided he needs to drink hot tea with me every morning. What a dog!
Moving along, it is time for the final Flower Fairy Card of the Week! Yup, you read correctly...the final one, number 52. It's amazing to me looking back how my Flower Fairy project just flowed. I've decided I'm doing an herb deck next, and have them started but just the initial stages. Don't you worry--I will continue to share my inner muse with my just may be more random, oh my, there's a squirrel! type of rambling. So, the Flower Fairy Card of the Week is....Strength! The Flower Fairies remind us that strength isn't just about physical, but spiritual, mental, and emotional, and the importance of doing our "workouts". What is your workout regimen? I am blessed to only be working two and a half days at my pay the mortgage and bills job. My soul fulfilling, spiritual work on the other hand, is about five to ten hours a week. I really don't know how I survived when I was working my 40 hour a week (ahem 60 hours, cough cough) and still doing everything that needed done and living life. I am grateful every day that I have the time, opportunity, and energy to be exploring and following my soul's mission. And I'm eagerly looking forward to those numbers flip-flopping. Cause ya know, I'm still manifesting that relationship and we all know we need plenty of time for that! Tehehe! Have a great week and a happy and safe Halloween! If you have any extra candy, ship it my way!