It's Monday again! How does it sneak up on us so fast? Well, I hope you are enjoying the start of a wildly fun week! The Flower Fairies are excited to be introducing the card of the week...Prosperity! Cha-Ching! Many of us have fantasized about winning the lottery, or receiving a major windfall and all that we would do with it...But what is it that makes one rich? Money is important to live in the world unfortunately, but it's not what makes us rich...or happy...or loved. However, money is a topic that we spend enormous amounts of time focused on, whether it be worrying about having enough, fighting over in a relationship, or contemplating our dream vacation/wedding/dinner/next big purchase. I had a psychic reading and was told within three years that all my debt would be paid off. Hallelujah! That was four years ago, and yeah, debt is still there. Hmmm, maybe she meant my karmic debt? Well, crapola! Don't get me wrong, I am highly thankful that karmic debt possibly has been dealt with, but it would be nicer to be debt free since I'm in this lifetime currently, but it is what it is. I am much more focused on enjoying life and my peeps in it than money.
So, this week I used hydrangea flowers as a prop in one my yoga classes, to help teach focus as we were holding poses. When things are challenging, we tend to think negatively rather than focusing on the positive. So, as my legs were shaking and begging me to straighten them, I was focusing on the intricacies of the flower. Knowing that hydrangeas mean gratitude, my mind was appreciative of what my body was doing. Of course, I'm going to have to carry around a hydrangea for the next several days to combat the soreness, but ya know, I love my creative flashes that help me teach things from a different perspective. My class may also temporarily hate me, but they have a beautiful hydrangea to remind them to focus on the positives! So back to the question of what makes one rich? The snapshots of time where I am happy, feeling blessed, loving life, and doing my thing. Lucky for me, I have millions of snapshots! Focusing on the positives makes things much more tolerable, enjoyable, and entertaining! Some acronyms for rich...Relaxing In Collective Harmony...Revelation In Childlike Happiness...Radiating In Complete Hope...hmmmm, I could keep going, but I'm off to create another snapshot of happiness and joy in my life! Happy Monday--Have a great week!