Patience...and then some

Hello and Happy Monday! Did you have a wild and crazy weekend? Mine was lovely, thank you for asking! I did a workshop on Saturday for a lovely group of women, based on mind, body, and spirit wellness. I also indulged in a little of guilty pleasures this weekend...I planted my mini garden! I don't know how one person will manage to eat the produce of 30 lettuce plants, six tomato plants, and three pepper plants, but I'm all excited! There is something about digging in the dirt that is so therapeutic...and being outside. I noticed my Allium plants were starting to bloom. Great timing as it's the time for the unveiling of the Flower Fairy Card of the Week...Patience (aka Allium). My older sister selected the card for this week since her birthday is Friday. How fitting is patience when talking about siblings?!? Tehehe! My sister thrived on agitating, aggravating, and hmmm...what's another good A word here? Maybe antagonizing? I can hear her now as she reads this.."Whatever"...Uh huh, I know her rather well. So, I know I told the story of her being the ring leader in gathering an audience to watch me dance like Michael Jackson, unbeknownst to me in an earlier blog. I'm still holding out for Dancing with the Stars, but that's a whole other topic so...back to sibling aggravation. Background story: It was the early 80's and my Dad had hooked up the family stereo system and record player so it could be heard throughout the house--which we thought was pretty cool. So, "Thriller" terrified me as a kid. Yes, that "Thriller"--Michael Jackson's major hit. Specifically, the whole maniacal laughter with Mr. Vincent Price. One afternoon, it was just the two of us at home, and I'm sitting upstairs minding my own business, probably lost in a book. All of sudden, this crazy laughter boomed through the entire house. Let's just say it scared the bejeezus out of me...and it didn't stop!!! My lovely sister managed to find the exact spot on the record to keep playing his laughter over and over--which those who have had a record player know it's not easy. She was actually quite proud of her accomplishment...Me, on the other hand, was planning out torturous revenge. There was also the time when we were to be weeding the garden. I was working...and I think she was pretending too. I found an arrowhead, which she quickly determined was her's and tried several different ploys to get me to give it to her. Hellooooo, I'm not stupid. And being an intuitive, the energy coming from the arrowhead was simply A-mazing!!! 
Patience...I truly think that is my life lesson. I mean why else do I have the daily tests? Just so you know, I am one very organized person. However, in the past two weeks, I've lost my car keys, then my crystals, and today, important paperwork for my business. What, does this stuff just disappear in thin air or what? Even my CD's are alphabetized...until both my sisters decided to mess with me and move those around one afternoon. My closet is coordinated per item, then color, then length. I mean, I've got this organization stuff down to a science....until I can't find stuff. Argh! Please share your patience stories with me on Facebook...I need some support that I'm not the only one with the ongoing struggle! And Happy Birthday to my sister--I love you, and thanks for all these great stories I can share! Tehehe!