New Things on the Horizon!

Hello and Happy Monday! Yes, I have been out of service with the blog writing the last few months...but wait til I tell you what I've been up to! First of all, the sweet little puppy Baxter is now nine months old, and in puppy preschool. I love the little turd, however, he has his moments of puppy hood that make me want to tear my hair out. As of Sunday evening, we'd been on ten walks, and he still managed to poop in the kitchen. Grrrr! I know I'm working on patience in this lifetime...I guess I should be happy that I have a four legged pumpkin to help me with those lessons! Ha! Now if he would just do his business where he's supposed to, all will be good! 
Secondly...Engaging the Spirit is open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo-Hooo!!!! Back in my last blog of October, I had found my space. Oh my, all that has happened since! I made my list of everything that I needed...and my master manifesting skills went into overdrive. If I said "Holy Shit!" once, I said it at least 50 times!!!! From finding a BOGO (Buy one, get one) sale for all my yoga gear, to a major sale on salt lamps, to taking a picture of a round shelf at World Market but telling myself I wasn't paying the close to $500 ticket price and finding it on Facebook Market Place for a third of that, it goes on and on. Really. Really really! So among all the cool happenings, I worked my heinie off...and those around me who volunteered their time and expertise! I got the keys the day after Christmas, and so we did everything backwards--ha! I didn't say we were professionals, now did I? We painted, and painted some more, put flooring in the yoga studio (I am woman, hear me roar!), put up a wall to make storage space, drywalled, sanded, and primed and painted some more, and then had to clean everything! Then the decorating and deciding on what's what. I refinished a poopy brown painted cabinet with a pee colored linoleum top. Poor thing, she looks beautiful now! I'll tell her story in a later blog. I'm still finalizing some things and ironing out the kinks, however, it is a wonderful space! It never ceases to amaze me how everything just fell into place. From the October check, to finding the space, to everything I've needed just showing up. And to all my lovely friends and family who've popped in and helped paint, do flooring, put up a wall, help decorate, bring food, offer encouragement, and just stopping in to be nosey and share in my excitement, it has definitely been a wild journey! So, I am now looking forward to cleaning my house since it's been put on hiatus since Christmas (except for the dog do-do, that's an immediate clean up!), and catching up on my sleep (some nights we were there working til the wee hours of the morning), and getting all my plans/goals/dreams into writing to share with others! Yippee!! Have a great week everyone!