Laughter and Support

Hellllllloooooo!!! Happy Monday to you! It's been a crazy two weeks which is why there was no blog last week...the parentals came to visit and I left town. Tehehe--I mean I left town after their visit, not before. So, the sun is shining, the windows are open, the grass is mowed, the critters are happy that their mom is home after a five days absence, and life is good! How many people celebrated World Laughter Day yesterday? Laughter truly is the best medicine in the world--faster than pain medication, cheaper than any prescription, and easy to administer! I spent the past weekend at Crow Calls Chickadee Circle with my friends Martha and Bill, in Elmira, New York. Love, love, LOVE how peaceful their little sanctuary is, and got the opportunity to walk the labyrinth and forest bathe. And play with the pooches, which is always a bonus! I presented a "Healing through Laughter" workshop, which was a wild experience! The philosophy behind laughter yoga is being totally silly and goofy and just laughing like a hyena! I love the belly laughs, ya know the ones where you're about to pee your pants, you're crying because you're laughing so hard, and you just want the other person to stop so you can catch your breath because you are starting to hyperventilate? Love it!!! Reminds me of the time a certain friend and I were coming home from a shopping excursion and we were gabbing away. I finally asked what the lights were that I kept getting a flash there was a cop following us for who knows how long...we got to giggling, which turned into out and out laughter, and trying to contain it was hysterical, especially when he asked what we had been up to...oh, just shopping for my ordination outfit...and then of course, we had to share that we tried to get into the wrong car earlier that day. I honestly think he thought that we were out of our minds, but by the time he wished us happy trails, with no ticket, he was laughing too. We were in hysterics the rest of the way home. Have to love those experiences! Very Good, Very Good, YEAH!!!
Onward to the Flower Fairy Card of the Week, which is Support, in honor of Mother's Day this week. If you notice on the card, it says "I need my mum" because they are chrysanthemums...tehehe, my little humor twist there! Remember to honor all the mom's this weekend! And for those of us who are not "mom's" but still offer love, nurturing, and support to others, know that what you do is appreciated, valued, and important. I personally have not had the honor of having children as of yet, but I do help raise many children through the work that I do. Kids appreciate a kind word, a listening ear, and a genuine smile...and they will make you laugh like no other! Have a wonderful week!