Keepin' It Real

Honesty. An amazing thing that we all want in our relationships and communication with others...and it's the Flower Fairies Card of the Week! So, we are keepin' it real...and honest. It has been a trying week. More like trrrrryyyyiiiiinnnnggggg with a long drawn out sigh at the end. Ugh. Add PMS-ing to it for an even bigger UGH! So for starters, my basement flooded last week. Mind you, not on the unfinished side of the basement where there's concrete and easier to clean up. Nope. It had to be on the yoga studio side of the basement where there's carpet. A call to the insurance company resulted in irritation when I was told they don't cover rainwater. Then I was put on hold with the claims department for 30 minutes with no answer. Three phone calls later, and no answer from the insurance company each time I called (which has never happened before), I called the local water sucker uppers and was told that it would run $1500 to $3000 to get rid of the water. Well, what's a girl to do? I called off work, did my magic twirl and became Wonder Woman, and handled it myself. Eight buckets of water later, dehumidifier running, three fans (rented and borrowed), and two heaters, and a carpet cleaning appointment for this Friday, I'm rubbing my knuckles on my red cape and feeling pretty proud of myself. 
Everyone that has siblings I'm sure can relate to loving them like crazy, but then also wanting to throttle them on occasion. So, my sister had requested I make her some of these decadent Pecan Pie Muffins in exchange for helping me out in the fall at a holistic fair. So I did. I asked her this weekend again about getting my very nice Pampered Chef muffin pan returned. She threw it out. THREW IT OUT?!?! Excuse me?!?!?! It wasn't salvageable, she says. WTF!!!! It's Pampered Chef--you throw it in hot water and let it soak. Seriously?!?!?! Deep breathing....nice, sloooooowwwww, deep breath....Repeat. Repeat x100....
Mercury is currently in retrograde. Yup. According to LinkedIn this morning, one is not to say they are busy because it puts people off. Well, what should one say instead? If we are keeping it real here, one thing that I didn't entertain in this vast mind of mine, that opening my own business, I wasn't prepared...or expecting...or thinking that not only am I the owner, but also the creator, and presenter, and investor, and marketer, and designer, and supplier, and writer, and transportation, and packager. I think that's most of it. I know where my strengths lie...and where they don't. Technology is not my strong suit, hence the web company. I know that business strategy is to focus on one area...what happens when you're a Gemini, with tons of creativity, and have all this really cool stuff to package together in a business? You become freaking BUSY!!!!! It's actually a lot of fun, even more so when you aren't side-tracked by a wet basement. But playing Wonder Woman made it all better...seriously, who doesn't enjoy wearing a red cape??? Actually, I think my marketing company deserves a bonus because they have been coming up with some awesome ideas lately....Dairy Queen, here we come!! May this week be stress-free, prosperous, and tons of fun!