Helllllloooo and Happy Monday! I have lived in my humble abode for over 15 years, and have just discovered a new favorite chair...sitting in the corner of two windows, I have the sun coming in on my back, and flowers out the front. Ahhhh! Sometimes breaking old habits of doing the same thing over and over brings new delights....all it took was me kicking the cat out of the chair! She, who currently is taking residence up on the couch, is shooting me death stares. Life is good! It is time again for the weekly reveal...the Flower Fairies Card of the Week is Intuition! Intuition is having the ability to know something immediately, that "gut response". Growing up, this was something that happened naturally for me. I remember informing my parents one evening that a certain popular TV father was a "bad man". They corrected me, letting me know that he was well-loved and "everyone thinks he is so funny". No, he gave me that funny feeling in my belly where it almost hurt, but how do you explain that to adults who know more than you do? Almost 35 years later, my gut response is being validated by many people coming forth and sharing this man's actions. Always, always, always trust your gut! I describe being intuitive as a gift from God, however, it's not one that has come with pretty paper and a bow, nor does it have a return policy. From being ostracized and challenged, to people looking at you like you have three heads, it has been something that I've been careful with sharing. I have finally gotten to the point in my life that it is who I am, and why hide it? I am intuitive. I am an empath. I am psychic. I am a medium. I am who I am! For those who are thinking, well that's the last time I talk to her...peace, love, and light to you! For those who get it, hugs! You know what it's like. For those who are curious and want to know more, please ask. It is definitely a gift, one that I take seriously, and believe it's been bestowed upon me to share healing with the world. 
On that note, I am generally perceived by others as a kind, thoughtful person. Sweet, too, I get that a lot. I always try to look at others with love and light. I am all for people coming along for the roller coaster of life that I am on--throw up your hands and let's do this together! The ups and downs are way more fun when they are shared with friends. Yet, not everyone thinks the way I do. It never ceases to amaze me, that people think (or don't think, maybe, I don't know) that my kindness, thoughtfulness, sweetness somehow corresponds with being naive and unaware which they then use to attempt to take advantage or be hurtful. Well, they think wrong. Unfortunately there are people who are quick to tear others down, be deceitful, and just not nice. Remember, I'm intuitive and I know. My gut doesn't lie. Yes, I'm kind, thoughtful, and sweet, but I also won't stand for people deliberately doing things that are wrong against me or anyone else. I have a back bone. I am strong. I am stubborn. I am ballsy. And I have a voice. For those who do take the time to know me, they love me for it. For those that don't take the time to know me or understand me, they come to detest it. Which is why it is always important to be impeccable. Be kind. Be truthful. Be honest. I respect that, I believe that, and I follow that. And I hope that you choose to do so also. Live in the light, share the love, and be true. And always, always, always listen to your gut!