Happy Monday! It is coming to the end of my week off...and going through those ugh, I don't want to ever go back to work again feelings. Life goes on...which means I'll be back at work tomorrow. Sigh. However, I did enjoy my birthday week off...went to Put-in-Bay, played in my flower beds, spent some time in New York, and took many long, leisure naps! I seriously think my birthday week needs to expand to birthday month, where I celebrate for a whopping 30 days... Like, why not? Which leads us to the Flower Fairy Card of the Week...Individuality! Be you! Be unique! Shine! Take a month off for your birthday, why not? It is so easy for us to encourage others and be excited for them, but often when we look in the mirror, it's amazing how doubt, fears, denial, and all that funky stuff rears its ugly head so quickly. Like, you really think you're going to do that?!? I tend to have a really good "f*** off" response when any of the negativity surfaces, but sometimes, it just throws one for a loop. Especially when the monthly flow is a week late, and pms is all a rage. Then all ya want to do is curl up in a ball, with a mug of ice cream (no bowls, mugs prevent your hand from getting cold), and hibernate for the next several days. If any males are reading this, you're lucky. All I'm going to say. So where am I going with this? Be yourself, even when things are challenging and you want to become a hermit. I'm often reminded that people find me....unique. Ok, weird, different, fascinating, strange, among other things (someone even said perfect the other day--Awwww!!!). I always take it as a compliment, because I am being myself. Many people also tell me they wish they had the courage to act out on their wishes and desires and do what they want. What holds you back? When we look for approval from others, it holds us back. Granted, considering how other people will react to things is a good measurement, but who's opinion really does matter? And if it is someone other than yourself, why is it important? Unfortunately, not everyone has our best interests at heart, nor do people want us to change because it interferes with the status quo. It's why individuality is so important and being strong. Be you, follow your heart, and as the fairies say, "I am Me! And so it will be!"