Happy, Happy, HAPPY Monday to y'all! The month of July is quickly coming to a close and August is on the near horizon! Have you been enjoying your summer? I certainly have! It's funny to me how much we plan and anticipate for the summer months, like we are a puppy drooling over a good girl treat, just waiting for it to get near enough to snatch it and gobble it up! I have been traveling quite a bit...so much that my butt feels permanently molded to my car seat. Sigh! The joys of traveling! Actually, I spent a fair amount of time downloading my 80's jam in anticipation of my many hours in the car all by my lonesome, and I'm belting out the tunes loudly and proudly! And I still have three more trips next month to look forward to. Whoop whoop! In honor of my two trips this month, the Flower Fairies Card of the Week is...drum roll please...Goddess! I was honored to share my Explore Your Inner Goddess Through the Chakras workshop at two Spiritualist communities this month, the Lily Dale Assembly in New York and Camp Chesterfield in Indiana! What an experience to bond with wonderfully wild women tapping into their inner strengths and beauty! A character of the male species recently asked me what the big deal is with all the Goddess stuff. My immediate answer was that women are joining together to celebrate their femininity with joy and laughter because we are going to take over the world. After a chuckle, the next question was, why not a God Workshop for Men...my smart ass response doesn't need repeated in print, but it has given me something to ponder. Cause ya know, I informed Spirit late last Fall that I wanted to focus my energy on working with women...and shortly after during a phone call with my plumber, he asked if I would teach a yoga class for men. Well, actually, I think his words were "former jocks that are now overweight and can't touch their toes, and are physical wrecks." Almost eight months later, they'll be arriving here shortly for their weekly yoga class. So my message from Spirit was to not limit myself, and spread love, light, and healing energy to everyone. I love how Spirit gives me that "hey, wait a second here missy!" So, just saying, I'll leave the idea of a workshop for men to marinate...I wonder how they would like the belly dance portion of the program? Tehehe! For now, I'm going to continue to flaunt my Goddess energy and enjoy my next road trip of eight hours of alone time singing my heart out! Have a great week everyone!