Helloooooo and Happy Harvest Full Moon to you! It has been a crazy weekend! All that lunar pull and life happening makes for some interesting experiences this weekend. We are starting right off with the Flower Fairies Card of the Week--Faith. This card is the first one of the series, and started with a vision during a meditation. Never did I imagine where this was all heading three years ago. Fast forward to this past weekend. Friday morning after my yoga class, my one student commented to me that I have the best job because I get to make a large group of people relaxed and happy, and send them out ready to start their day. Love it! I was trying to change my employment status on Facebook to reflect that, and of course being the technology illiterate that I am, that wasn't happening, so I just basked in the moment. Moving onward, I was waiting for my car to have some work done, and started visualizing how I want my future to look. Long story short, after the car was done, I took a short road trip to a small town near me to check out the old empty hardware store. Hmmmm...ideas, ideas. A gathering grounds for studio space, therapy space, and retail space among other things. As I meandered along the street, chatting with a few locals, the amount of support and encouragement from strangers was amazing as I shared some of my vision. Back in the car, I resisted the urge to go home, and instead drove to the dog shelter. There is a little dog Skipper that came over social media last week and when I asked, he needed to be there for a week before adoption. So I buzz on out and walk through, and there's no Skipper. Oh no. He was transferred to a foster home in Cleveland. That's my dog! Armed with contact info for my poochie, I'm heading home, thinking I need to call my Dad to tell him about the hardware store and Skipper, and a few seconds later the phone rings, and it's the parentals. Too funny. So where is this heading? I know I've mentioned manifesting before--it's putting out to the universe what it is that you want. I'm driving and stated aloud "If this is what I'm supposed to be doing, Spirit, then bring it." Cause ya know, I just like to challenge the bigwigs upstairs. My sister and I head off to the fair to indulge our fried food frenzy. I get home and there's a check in the mail. A very large check. A check that I question if it's legit. After a call to my credit card company, it is...due to an APR change back in 2010 or 2011. What?!?? HOLY SMOKING BALLS!!!!! Sa--weet!!!! Thank you Spirit! That Faith is an unbelievable thing. I'm ready. I'm ready to move forward with my soul purpose, I'm ready for my own space, and I'm ready for my poochie and ready for my man by my side. Not necessarily in that order--I'm not picky. Tehehe! Have faith that good things are happening for you, trust in the universe, and allow things to happen. Happy Mooning!