Give me an M! An O! An N (Or is it a N, but that doesn't sound right?? You know where we are going with this, move along! A D! An A! And a Y! What's that spell? MONDAY!!!! Whoop whoop!  It's time for the Flower Fairy Card of the Week...Enthusiasm! Yeah! What are you feeling enthusiastic about? This morning it was sleeping in til 10 am and then deciding I'm rocking today without a shower. What liberation! Ha--I also don't have to go anywhere, which made that an easy decision. So, good news! I was asked to teach another yoga class for the summer. It's funny, because I got into yoga quite innocently. I always thought it was for old people. Seriously, I did. And that it was boring. Anyway, I'm older and wiser now, but, going into private practice, many people were asking for healthy alternatives for mental health medication, especially for children. In doing my research, yoga stood out as connecting the mind and body, and great for stress, anxiety, and depression. Hmmmm...so my two friends were going to school to become yoga teachers, which was a year long commitment. I decided to tag along, yours truly never having ever taken a yoga class in my life. I learned, and I learned a lot, and I loved it. The shifts we went through were quite extraordinary...and there is something about moving to a more spiritual energy that really rocks you. It's like your mind, body, and spirit are fighting it out, knowing that you are doing the shift, but don't know if you really want to go there or not. For us, it was great because we went through it together, and also made it quite hilarious as we expressed it with many four letter words...and those weren't love and amen and heal. Nope...not at all. But that's a whole other discussion. Mind you, I also said I was never ever going to teach a yoga class. Well, that was 2012. It's 2018, and my fourth yoga class will now be starting in July. And I am SO EXCITED!!!! There is something so beautiful about watching people come out of shavasana (the corpse pose at the end) and looking like they are in a stupor. My manly men's class is a ball to teach--just watching each person's growth and energy shift is amazing! So, back to never teaching a yoga class...once I get out of my own way, beautiful things happen! I'm also getting extremely excited about my upcoming workshops at the Lily Dale Assembly, in New York, and Camp Chesterfield, in Indiana. Of course, the panic will set in about a week or so when I'm in the process of putting it all together and finalizing things. No, actually, the meltdown will happen when I try to pack the car and have to fit everything in. My peeps joke that I need a U-Haul...they aren't kidding!  
Other enthusiastic news...My Wonder Woman cape was on and flying this weekend as I moved a ton (literally) of palm sized rocks. Under my deck is fixed and finished...cost me 100 bucks and lunch, much better than those estimates in the thousands. What a great advertisement for yoga...wasn't sore a bit! My postcards are packaged and ready to ship to Lily Dale for their bookstore for the summer! So exciting! And...what are you feeling enthusiastic about? Share your joy and enthusiasm, it's catching and it feels great!