Happy Monday to y'all! I took a two week hiatus...and there's so much to tell! I'm in love! Head over heels, a match made in heaven, puppy love!!! Swoon!!! So my post two weeks ago I was working hard on manifesting my own space, my man, and my two out of three aren't bad! I found my office space...not the original one I was looking at, but one that's even better. Five minutes from my house, and it is going to work great. The timing of everything just blows me away. The timing of finding it, the ideal space, and in a location that is going to work perfectly! I always laugh when I see posts on Facebook and Pinterest about being on God's who would have thought that money that was owed to me from eight years ago, which I was totally unaware of, would show up on a day when I asked Spirit to bring it. Ha!!!! So I'm busy planning, planning, planning, and trying not to panic and get overwhelmed. Deep breathing!!! So if anyone has suggestions, ideas, encouragement, please pass it along! 
Onward to my falling in love...I have been looking for a poochie. I've spent much time on my computer, scouring the rescue web pages, and inquired about five different dogs. Each time, the pooch in consideration was in the adoption process, much to my disappointment. Fast forward to this past Tuesday night, when all of a sudden I had the evening free, which never happens. Ever. I debated about going to the gym, but quickly quashed that idea, deciding I would go to One of a Kind Pet Rescue. So off I go. I was playing with a little puppy and looked over and saw a young girl holding this little white and caramel pumpkin. soon as she stood up, I asked if I could hold the little nugget. We sat down, and he stuck his nose over my heart and sniffed me, and leaned back and licked my nose. Oh my! I was a goner! We sat and snuggled for an hour, and came home with me on Thursday night. I think deep down, I had this fear that no dog would ever be like my Snickers, who was my four legged soul mate. I think Snickers had a hand in me finding Baxter. The rescue told me he is 17 weeks old, and in counting backwards...we have the same birthday! He's only been with me for five days, but he's got my heart, hook, line, and sinker. What a dumpling! Which leads us to the Flower Fairies Card of the Week...Devotion! It's important to focus your energy on things that bring you joy and happiness! So the next few days and months, I'll be putting my energy into my my new space, and my little snuggle bug! Have a great week everyone!