Hello! It's a gray, dreary, rainy Monday--and a great excuse for me to hang out all day on the couch and do nothing. So productive! And third time's the charm--I've wrote this blog twice before and just as I was finishing it up-poof! Out into the technology world it went, never to be found again. So I don't know if something is going on astrologically today, or I'm just technologically illiterate, but jeez, that time could have been better spent playing a game on my phone and taking a nap. Oh wait, that's all I did today anyway....I received several comments, inquiries, and laughing responses to my Divine Order blog last week in relation to my love of fair food. It was all delicious! Last Monday, my men's yoga class innocently asked what all I had to eat at the fair earlier that day. the list went on, the eyes got rounder, and the teasing started. Ok, I can take it...let's now bring our toe up and touch our nose. "You're the boss!" Yup! And I will continue to eat exorbitant amounts of greasy fried eating partner in crime (aka my sister) are anxiously looking forward to our trek to a neighboring county fair this coming weekend for more delectables. 
It is time for the Flower Fairy Card of the's Beauty! Do you ever have those moments when life just feels perfect, and you are totally at peace and happy? I had one of those moments this past weekend when I was mowing my yard. Yes, you read that right--mowing and peace and happiness all in one sentence. I was mowing and discovered a golf ball looking fungus growing in my flower bed. With my nose almost touching it, I was admiring the beauty of it. Very intrinsic and stark white, it was quite eye catching. Not as eye catching as the phallic fungi I had popping up all over my flower beds two years ago, but still a natural wonder. Those phallic mushrooms were quite the wonder too...and a reminder to self to be more specific in how I manifest. Tehehe! As I started back to the lawnmower, my eyes caught sight of a Monarch butterfly who left its earthly body among my Echinacea when it parted this world. Wow! Perfectly formed wings, and vibrant orange and blacks, another gift of nature. Now, mind you, I'm sure my neighbors probably think I was smoking something funky as I mowed the remainder of the yard with a big smile. No, I was just high on Mother Nature and her sharing these small beautiful moments in time with me. Be mindful, appreciate all that is, and accept the gifts of the Universe....whether they be fungi or a rainbow. Beauty is all around us!