Hello and Happy Monday to you all! It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and my hiney hasn't moved off the couch---Ahhhh! The makings of a great day! The Flower Fairies need to introduce the card of the week...Ambition! Much to the contrary to my morning, ambition gets us moving. I come from a long line of doers and planners and list makers. I have mastered the to-do well, that I have to-do lists for my to-do list. I blame the parentals for my anal "I have to get things done" mentality. However, when this girl is on a mission, watch out! Honestly, I am conscientiously working on taking time for myself and relaxing. Ya know, the meditation, reading enlightening (ahem-smut!) books, taking leisurous naps, all the good stuff. However, when that happens, those to-do lists still loom, like the damn spiderwebs that you get caught in and can't shake away. Sigh. It's all about balance...which I am rocking in yoga class by the way, but needs to transfer to other areas of my life. I am finding that I really want to do more and more of the self-care. So why do I find more things to fill my time? I have three workshops coming up that I'm preparing for. I'm planning and designing new workshops in preparation for next summer (they have to be sent in a year early). I jumped on the opportunity to teach a new Mind Body Yoga class (more planning). Plus I'm looking forward to my upcoming two year internship that starts in August, all awhile trying to plan some get away weekends. Oh and there's the putting together a sermon for a guest minister weekend. I'm also working the hiney off (the one that is currently sitting on the couch) to a tune of 23 pounds! I actually have a "real job" that I have to spend time at every week too. When I look at it all, ambition is what is pushing me forward because I love what I'm working towards and it brings me great happiness...well, all except the latter mention, but life has to happen. For those of you who have a busy ambitious person in your life, may I suggest that you eliminate any and all bitching and complaining that the ambitious person is busy and doesn't have enormous amounts of time to shoot the breeze. Volunteering to mow the grass, bring lunch over, run the sweeper, ya know, all those tedious things that tie us up too, that goes a long way with helping the ambitious sister out. I believe that all the hard work is totally worth it...the universe has great things in store, so set your aspirations high and keep reaching for the stars!