Monday, Monday! Is anyone else looking forward to the big celebration this week? I don't know if I get more excited about the fireworks (do they remind anyone else of a climax? I'm serious!), or that hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill are on the menu for the family picnic. One of my absolute faves! It's time for the big Monday reveal. No, it's not about my love of hot dogs, tehehe, it's time for the Flower Fairies Card of the Week...Adventure! Whoop Whoop! Who else is ready to engage in some new adventures? And if you did, what would that look like? Hmmm...I would say I'm pretty adventurous, but sometimes our perception is different than what others see. So after a quick survey of peeps around me, interesting responses. Lowest was a five (really?? A five???) to off the charts at 10 plus. So, going to the trusty Webster Dictionary, adventurous is described as "willing to take risks or try out new methods, ideas, or experiences". So, I've been to 25 (or is it 27?) countries, white-water rafted, hiked, biked, camped, zip-lined, cruised, safari-ed, skinny-dipped, rode elephants, roller coasted, ate fried bamboo worms and guinea pig, rode camels, hitch-hiked, traveled by my lonesome to a country with no knowledge of the language, opened my own business, and sweat lodged, among other fun things. And he put me at a five?!? My philosophy is life is short, embrace it, and follow your heart. My bucket list continues to grow (remember list making is in my DNA!) even as I continue to cross accomplishments off. I love to learn and take every opportunity to do so, sometimes (uh, most of the time) to the detriment of my wallet...but to the delight of my soul! Boy, that sounded cheesy, even to me! Ha! So at the ripe old age of 42, the biggest adventure that I would like to experience and haven't had the opportunity...marriage and children. Sigh. I surely hope that is written in my somewhere soon future plan Universe! Let's get with the program! So what I've learned this evening, many people around me don't know a lot of things about me...which could be a good thing...or maybe I need to be sharing more. I see some already saying "Oh Lord, please don't!" Tehehe--lighten up! Which leads me to question what holds me back from sharing all aspects of who I am? Hmmm...good therapy session topic for my future. I'll keep you posted on how the direction of my new adventures are going...Stay Tuned! Be adventurous! And enjoy yourself some hot dogs and fireworks this week!