Hello! It's a gray, dreary, rainy Monday--and a great excuse for me to hang out all day on the couch and do nothing. So productive! And third time's the charm--I've wrote this blog twice before and just as I was finishing it up-poof! Out into the technology world it went, never to be found again. So I don't know if something is going on astrologically today, or I'm just technologically illiterate, but jeez, that time could have been better spent playing a game on my phone and taking a nap.


Hello and Happy Monday to you all! It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and my hiney hasn't moved off the couch---Ahhhh! The makings of a great day! The Flower Fairies need to introduce the card of the week...Ambition! Much to the contrary to my morning, ambition gets us moving. I come from a long line of doers and planners and list makers. I have mastered the to-do list...so well, that I have to-do lists for my to-do list. I blame the parentals for my anal "I have to get things done" mentality. However, when this girl is on a mission, watch out!