Tie-Dye and Purple Converses

Putting on my clothes that morning, I chuckled over the color combination, knowing that it was fitting for the occasion. There are times when you don't have words, even calling upon all my years of therapy experience and ministry background, you still don't have the words. So here it goes...It all started many moons ago, 19 years to be exact. Sarah sent me an Instant Message during my first week on the job, asking me some random, off the wall question, which developed into a fast friendship. We bonded over our love of dogs, sense of adventure, eating, and the Wayne County Fair.

Love, love, LOVE!

Helloooo and happy Monday! The Flower Fairies are extremely excited about introducing the card of the week because it's all about LOVE!!! In honor of the impending Valentine's Day and all of us romantic fools, we all need some love! Love is such an interesting topic of discussion, and I'm pondering on where to go with this. As I look around my kitchen, it's funny how the word LOVE pops out in six different places.

Friends rock!

It's Monday morning and I'm up early--haha, that means before 11am! There are times I feel the universe is trying to make me a morning person, and I continue to fight it aggressively! Growing up, my parents rationale was to get up early and do all your chores and homework, and then you had the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. Uh huh, whatever! I was still working on my fall cleaning in my art room until 12:30 this morning so I guess that's early! Ha! I had a wild experience in my cleaning endeavors of the art room the past week.