Happy it's almost Halloween Monday! I absolutely love Halloween--the costumes, the decorations, the crisp weather, and of course, all the candy (Reese's to be exact)! And the rest of the year will just fly by...Back at the homestead, me and the pooch are adjusting and figuring each other out. What a sweet little puppy I am blessed with! During his first doctor's appointment today, he listened intently as the vet told him that he has big shoes to fill because his predecessor was like no other. Then the doctor pointed out that he has an extra toe on his back paw plus a dewclaw.


Happy Monday to y'all! I took a two week hiatus...and there's so much to tell! I'm in love! Head over heels, a match made in heaven, puppy love!!! Swoon!!! So my post two weeks ago I was working hard on manifesting my own space, my man, and my poochie...so two out of three aren't bad! I found my office space...not the original one I was looking at, but one that's even better. Five minutes from my house, and it is going to work great. The timing of everything just blows me away. The timing of finding it, the ideal space, and in a location that is going to work perfectly!


Helloooooo and Happy Harvest Full Moon to you! It has been a crazy weekend! All that lunar pull and life happening makes for some interesting experiences this weekend. We are starting right off with the Flower Fairies Card of the Week--Faith. This card is the first one of the series, and started with a vision during a meditation. Never did I imagine where this was all heading three years ago. Fast forward to this past weekend.

Divine Order

A Happy rainy Monday to you! Fall is definitely here, whether we like it or not! Our famous Wayne County Fair is going on this week, which is always a great kickoff to the Fall season. And of course, I always have to attend every day if possible. However, jumping right in to the Flower Fairies Card of the Week...da da dum...it's Divine Order! Things happen as they are meant to happen...the universe continues to function daily. For me right now, the huge Divine Order is what am I eating at our fair?


Happy Labor Day! I hope you are out and about enjoying the day! The sun is shining and beckoning me out--I may have to get outside and go for a walk, since the beautiful summer weather will be soon coming to a close. I was out working in the yard on Friday and found a wooly bear caterpillar. It was all rusty orange--which according to trusty Google, that means the wooly bear is predicting the winter is going to be mild. Living in Northeast Ohio, what does mild look like? Snow and warmer temperatures? Hmmm, this could get interesting!


Hello and Happy Monday! I'm sitting in my favorite spot watching two Monarch butterflies flit and flirt and dance among the flowers out in my garden. To be so light and free! Ahhhh!!! How is your Monday going? I'm all excited--I just got started on the smoothie kick, and have been playing around with different combinations and concoctions. Do you realize that you can't taste spinach at all when it's in with a bunch of fruit??? Amazing! Not that I dislike spinach...really the only food I dislike is radishes. Ick!


Happy, Happy, HAPPY Monday to y'all! The month of July is quickly coming to a close and August is on the near horizon! Have you been enjoying your summer? I certainly have! It's funny to me how much we plan and anticipate for the summer months, like we are a puppy drooling over a good girl treat, just waiting for it to get near enough to snatch it and gobble it up! I have been traveling quite a bit...so much that my butt feels permanently molded to my car seat. Sigh! The joys of traveling!


Helllllloooo and Happy Monday! I have lived in my humble abode for over 15 years, and have just discovered a new favorite chair...sitting in the corner of two windows, I have the sun coming in on my back, and flowers out the front. Ahhhh! Sometimes breaking old habits of doing the same thing over and over brings new delights....all it took was me kicking the cat out of the chair! She, who currently is taking residence up on the couch, is shooting me death stares. Life is good! It is time again for the weekly reveal...the Flower Fairies Card of the Week is Intuition!


Monday, Monday! Is anyone else looking forward to the big celebration this week? I don't know if I get more excited about the fireworks (do they remind anyone else of a climax? I'm serious!), or that hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill are on the menu for the family picnic. One of my absolute faves! It's time for the big Monday reveal. No, it's not about my love of hot dogs, tehehe, it's time for the Flower Fairies Card of the Week...Adventure! Whoop Whoop! Who else is ready to engage in some new adventures? And if you did, what would that look like?


Hello and Happy Monday to you all! It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and my hiney hasn't moved off the couch---Ahhhh! The makings of a great day! The Flower Fairies need to introduce the card of the week...Ambition! Much to the contrary to my morning, ambition gets us moving. I come from a long line of doers and planners and list makers. I have mastered the to-do list...so well, that I have to-do lists for my to-do list. I blame the parentals for my anal "I have to get things done" mentality. However, when this girl is on a mission, watch out!