Tie-Dye and Purple Converses

Putting on my clothes that morning, I chuckled over the color combination, knowing that it was fitting for the occasion. There are times when you don't have words, even calling upon all my years of therapy experience and ministry background, you still don't have the words. So here it goes...It all started many moons ago, 19 years to be exact. Sarah sent me an Instant Message during my first week on the job, asking me some random, off the wall question, which developed into a fast friendship. We bonded over our love of dogs, sense of adventure, eating, and the Wayne County Fair.

I'm dreaming of....

It's a week til Christmas! Whoop whoop!!! And it's time for the Flower Fairy card of the week...Dream! This time of year with all the different holidays and the celebration in the air, how can you help but dream? I love the holidays--I'm advocating that Christmas lights need to be left up until April. Driving home and seeing the colors in the midst of winter makes my heart warm and fuzzy...and when January, February, and March roll around, those late nights driving home get so tedious.

It's time to CELEBRATE!!!

It's December! This is one of my favorite times of the year...along with my birthday month...and spring when things are blooming...and the fall and its crispness...and, well, I love it all! My Christmas ornaments are up, and I bought my Christmas tree, which is loaded up with colorful lights and twinkling away as I write this. There was a moment of sadness when I was looking at the trees this year. Last year, Snickers, my beloved little pooch, was nearing the end, and we spent the last two weeks of her life sleeping on the floor in front of the tree.