Helllllloooo and Happy Monday! I have lived in my humble abode for over 15 years, and have just discovered a new favorite chair...sitting in the corner of two windows, I have the sun coming in on my back, and flowers out the front. Ahhhh! Sometimes breaking old habits of doing the same thing over and over brings new delights....all it took was me kicking the cat out of the chair! She, who currently is taking residence up on the couch, is shooting me death stares. Life is good! It is time again for the weekly reveal...the Flower Fairies Card of the Week is Intuition!

Togetherness of Mind, Body, and Spirit

It's that Monday time again! Phew--what a weekend! I realized that this was the first weekend since Christmas that I had nothing to do, other than teach my yoga classes on both ends of it. Yippeeeeeee!!! Oh, the choices! The opportunities! The NAPS! YESSSSSSSS!!!!! It was great, two thumbs up, and three naps later! How did you spend your weekend? Actually, I did spend a significant time playing in my flower beds. I even found the perfect spot in my tree to put a little fairy garden--love it!

Patience...and then some

Hello and Happy Monday! Did you have a wild and crazy weekend? Mine was lovely, thank you for asking! I did a workshop on Saturday for a lovely group of women, based on mind, body, and spirit wellness. I also indulged in a little of guilty pleasures this weekend...I planted my mini garden! I don't know how one person will manage to eat the produce of 30 lettuce plants, six tomato plants, and three pepper plants, but I'm all excited! There is something about digging in the dirt that is so therapeutic...and being outside. I noticed my Allium plants were starting to bloom.

Laughter and Support

Hellllllloooooo!!! Happy Monday to you! It's been a crazy two weeks which is why there was no blog last week...the parentals came to visit and I left town. Tehehe--I mean I left town after their visit, not before. So, the sun is shining, the windows are open, the grass is mowed, the critters are happy that their mom is home after a five days absence, and life is good! How many people celebrated World Laughter Day yesterday? Laughter truly is the best medicine in the world--faster than pain medication, cheaper than any prescription, and easy to administer!

Resilient...and then some

Howdy! Welcome to my inner muse Monday! We are starting right off with the introduction of the Flower Fairy Card of the Week, which is...Resilient! The ability to bounce back against adversity...or I more like to commonly think of it as standing on the apex of the mountain with my Wonder Woman cape and giving the finger to life and whatever negativity it is throwing my way. But that's me and my willingness to fight back...which has landed me in a little trouble throughout my life.